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What we Offer

We bring long-term professional experience, world-class knowledge and provide advanced solutions for executive and mid-career search. Starlight is not only limited to executive search. We also coach and train people at all levels to have a better understanding of the career process, and lead them to successfully achieve their dream jobs.

Our Beliefs

We at Starlight believe world-class knowledge and strong consulting services are the keys into the success at the current dynamic market. Our philosophy for supporting professionals who seek a new career is based on building strong professional relationship, individual consulting, information sharing and long-term support.

Who we are

Starlight is a Japan-based professional Recruitment, Consulting and Executive Search firm, specializing in sourcing and supporting bilingual talents in the industry. Our client companies are between top Fortune 500 global firms, as well as new Start-ups and Japanese companies.

What we Provide

In addition, we provide our clients with tailored solutions and outcome oriented approaches to help them achieve their recruitment goals of local office and global Headquarters in Japan’s passive market.

Our Core Values

Human capital and employees are the key to future success in the current dynamic industry. We are comprised of talented, educated and experienced consultants, from specialist to our leadership team, and we take pride that they are the most professional and ethical individuals in the Japan recruitment industry.

Our company keeps the values at the core of everything we perform:

Commitment / Integrity / Professionalism / Partnership / Service / Quality

Starlight Group is a place where individuals find an opportunity to grow professionally and thrive.

We encourage Innovation, niche ideas and give each of industry talents an opportunity to develop and grown in career and personal life. While we use a hands-on management approach to encourage success, we also encourage enthusiasm and promote individual decision making.

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