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1- How did you find my name and contact information?

When we receive the new opportunities from our clients, we usually use online resources such as Linkedin, Academic publications, Company patents, referrals from our existing contacts built up over many years working in Japan, 3rd party vendors, International conferences and symposiums, etc.

2- I would like to keep my information confidential.

Please note that we are professionally and legally are required to keep all of your information confidential and we also never introduce you to client companies without your full consent / agreement.

3- Do you have Japanese speaking consultants?

Yes. Our consultants are Bilingual. Of course, it may be necessary for our consultants to speak with you in English as well to assess your English proficiency level.

4- Why should I meet you? I have worked with other agencies as well.

We have a strong relationship with almost all companies in the market. In the recruitment process and job application, the decision is made by either Hiring managers or HR. Due to the long experience, respect and mutual relationship with our clients, the rate of success has been much higher with us compared to our competitors.

5- Do I need to pay you for your services?

No. You don’t need to pay any fee to us at the end or beginning of the process. We don’t charge you for our service fee.

6- What kind of locations do you support?
I am based in Kansai (Nagoya, etc).

While most of our opportunities are Tokyo based, but we cover other areas as well.

7- I don’t want to change my job. Why should we meet now?

Please note our meeting is not mandatory for you. We don’t want to force people to meet us. But we believe in Japans competitive industry, meeting us will guarantee a safe career path for you in the future. We would like to provide some high level knowledge about the industry trend, as well as consulting about your future career development. It is good for you to know your market value and what type of options you should target in the future. We also can give you a professional guideline about how the job change process works, how to prepare for a successful interview, etc.

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